The Church of The Apostles

Church Council


The Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Gammon

Board of Elders

The Rev. Robert J. Geoffrey
The Rev. Blessing Jacobs
The Rev. Chad W. Tvenstrup (Licensed Presbyter)
The Rev. Conrad J. Ruppert, Jr. (Elder Emeritus)
The Rev. Mark R. Galloway (Bishop - retired)

Board of Servants

Archdeacon William E. Sexton
Congregational Care Minister

Deacon Thomas G. Bourn
Servant Evangelism Minister

Deacon Kathleen M. Kettle
Outreach Minister

Deacon Deborah M. Adams
Stewardship Minister

Deacon Douglas Stomberg
Buildings and Grounds Minister

Deacon Emerita Cathryn J. Morgan

Ecclesiastical Dignitaries

Lady Linda Greco

Lady Sue Pillsbury