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Our Leadership and Staff

The leadership team at Church Of The Apostles consists of ordained clergy and believers with the confidence to guide our community in faith, answer questions, conduct services and organize church events.


Rev. Benjamin Giuffrida

Over the years, Ben has worked in a variety of roles both in schools and in churches.  Currently, he is a principal at an alternative Middle and High School in Massachusetts. He was recently called to lead the faithful at Apostles after serving as an assistant Pastor at Redeemer Anglican Church in Franklin, MA.  He has been married to his wife Katie for twenty-one wonderful years.  Together, they have three children: Isaac, Adam, and Hannah.  He has a heart for helping those who are lost and in need of finding their way in this world.

Rev. Rob Geoffrey

Rob has served at Apostles for the last fifteen years in a variety of roles.  He and his wife Sharon love to find creative ways in which they can serve the Lord and His people.


Vestry Members

Our Church  leadership consists of a board of Lay Leadership known as the vestry consisting of the following: Bill Sexton (Senior Warden), Bob Singleton (Junior Warden),Rich Reynolds (Treasurer), Lynne Habershaw (Clerk), Cheryl Bethel, and Charlie St. Martin.  Along with the clergy, they lead the church in matters of faith and business.

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